About us

I started Folklorious because I couldn’t easily find the kind of accessories and RTW that I was looking for to finish my look and make it unique and personal without breaking the bank.

I love fashion but am not a victim: I have a personal view about it, I like to customize, (build on my own folklore as I like to call it) and so I look for versatile pieces that can be reinvented perhaps after one season. Starting with quality materials such as leathers, esparto, palm leave, etc., fashion (and its price) shouldn’t be all that serious, life is full of experiences worth living!

Furthermore, after over 15 years of experience in the luxury end of the fashion industry I know that it is not that difficult to offer services rarely found outside of the usual luxury brands. As it happens, I am based out of Mallorca, one of the cradles of leather goods crafts, baskets and espadrille making in Spain. With that treasure at my fingertips it was just unavoidable to play with it.

So Folklorious aims to be a space where to find a curated assortment of cool-hunted accessories and fashion from across the globe, the best of little-known designers and artisans, a place where your leather goods can become personal with your initials or message in your gifted item. A white canvas for personal Folklore!