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Smokers' Perfume

Smokers' Perfume

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The scent of cigarette smoke, and the liquid fragrance of Smokers' Perfume, are two halves of one complete unisex scent. 

Smokers' Perfume is especially made for those who carry the scent of cigarette smoke on their clothes, hair, and skin. 

Smokers' Perfume does not smell like cigarette smoke, and does not cover up this smell. Instead, Smokers' Perfume enhances all the best elements of the smell of smoke, and acts as the "other half" of your smell to turn you into a total single fragrance composition. 

Each "hard pack" box of Smokers' Perfume contains five mini spray tubes which fit individually into any standard pack of cigarettes for portability. 

How it's used: Before or after smoking, spray Smokers' Perfume on clothing, hair, or skin. It will combine with the smell of cigarette smoke that will adapt uniquely to you, and your brand of cigarettes. 

Note: This is not made to spray on cigarettes or smoking implements. This fragrance does not alter any of the risks of tobacco.